The Comic Art Workshop

Information on The Comic Art Workshop and Seminars



The Comic Art Workshop & Seminars was created in 1991 by Keith Pollard, Arvell Jones and Anthony Bacon as a way to help educate kids and adults about using comics as an creative outlet and as learning tools to teach kids and at-risk teens about how education relates in the real world. The focus was to establish a set of workshops in each area of disciple for students to study including;

  • Writing
  • Creating art
  • Computer graphics
  • Publishing
  • Marketing



The CAW (Comic Art Workshop) then created three tiers one for adult education and training, one for teens to explore the industry and one for kids to learn and have fun.

The adult program focused on helping people develop their skill sets to create professional looking products and portfolios to work in the industry or to publish their own works. These skills can be use in a number of different fields including the graphic novel publishing, advertising, movie industry, television and education.

The kids program focused on helping students understand the importance of learning while having fun. The idea was to have kids relate to doing tasks that required using skills learned in school to help build more compelling products or works of art. The skills that they use included;

  • Research – science – history – civics – legal
  • Communication – brainstorming – pitching ideas – writing – grammar – team building
  • Drawing- math – sizing – geometry – ruling – perspective –
  • Business – marketing – sales – advertising – accounting – distribution – promotion – ethics – copyright – trademark

The students take away outcomes are that they understand the importance of learning and with that the more freedom they have to be creative and free.

In the past the CAW has teamed up with Wayne County RESA, The Easter Seals, Michigan Arts Foundation, National Council of Artists, Crockett Vocational Center, Alternative Design Advertising, impact! interactive! inc!, Oak Park Library, Highland Park Public Schools, Gotham Knights Bookstore, Project Link, Information Plus Advertising and Encode Media Group Inc. The workshop is always looking for partners for both the kids program and the adult workshops. If you are interested in contacting the CAW for partnering please email or post to this page in the comments section.

To use comics as a learning tool and expand the market for new forms of expression and creative outlets.

Past instructors, students and participants

Desmond Jones – Encode Mediaworks LLC
Paul Martin – Encode Entertainment LLC. , The Canadian Urban Music Association
Teon Walker – Marvel, DC, Generate Comics, Detroit Tradecraft
Andy Barlow – Caliber Comics
Pat Jackson –  i-Below Ground Productions – Detroit Trade Craft
Joe Cooper – Image, Marvel, DC
Darnell Sealie –, Aspen Marketing, Encode Entertainment LLC, I-Below Ground Productions
David Perrin – Harris Comics, Malibu Comics, Zen Design, Dark Horse Comics, and Marvel Comics
Desmond Jones – Charlton Comics, Marvel
Eddie Newell – DC, Marvel
John Rozum – DC, Milestone Media, Vertigo
Rocky Pollard – Wayne School District Teacher
Donald Vaughn – Continuity Studios –  Comics, Marvel, DC
Tony Isabella – Marvel, DC
Ron Wilson – Marvel, Milestone , Atlas
Richard Buckler – DC, Warren, Marvel, Atlas, Milestone, Red Circle Comics
Aubrey Bradford – Caliber Comics, Marvel, DC and Milestone Media
Sean Grey – Warner Animation
Wes Simpson – Marvel and DC Comics, Published Indy Comics Creator
Tom Orzechowski – Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics
Tracy Stoops – Published Indy Comics Creator

Gone but, not forgotten:

(The late) Dwayne McDuffie – Warner Brothers Animation, Marvel, DC, Milestone Media Inc.

(The late) Richard Buckler- Marvel, DC, Atlas and Red Circle (Archie) Comics writer, editor, artist.


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